Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

KS5 Psychology

Dream Jobs

  • Forensic Psychology 
  • Counsellor 
  • Sports Psychologist 
  • Neuropsychologist 
  • Business Manager 
  • Clinical Psychologist 
  • Teaching 
  • Marketing 
  • Child Psychologist 

What do our students say?

‘I think studying psychology was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I realised that psychology doesn’t solely focus on mental illness but various other topics.  
One thing that I love about psychology is that it teaches you why people behave the way they do. It looks at how your childhood relationships and attachments shapes your personality and the way you are today!  
I also love the fact that you can apply what you’ve learnt to the real world. For example, when we were studying the memory topic, you can see why teachers give you different revision methods in order to make sure that the content sticks into your head (long term memory) and how highlighting and reading isn’t the best way to revise as information will only go to your short term memory . With social influence you realise why people obey even if they do not like the orders they are being given. In attachment you get to explore the different attachment types in different cultures and places around the world!  
I think the most fun thing about psychology is being able to learn about a variety of different topics! From attachment, gender, aggression and many more.  
I love how engaging the subject is and I love how excited we would all get when we learnt about something so fun in class and we would go around telling all the other students!  
It’s a great subject to study and it will open many many doors for you if you want to continue studying it at university!! ‘ 
Mahada Atoosh 
‘The thing I liked most about studying Psychology is how each topic is different yet still somehow link. Its a subject where you learn alot about yourself and the world around you! 
‘The most interesting thing I learnt about in Psychology is because Phobias and attachments because they were topics I was able to apply to real life and I found them really interesting too.  
The curriculum helped me to be successful in my studies because things like LCWC and prework meant I was able to memorise a great deal of knowledge I would have otherwise been unable to remember. The topics we studied were very interesting and fun!’ 
Faiza Ali 

What do our parents say?

“The purpose of Psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best” - P. Valry 

KS5 Psychology at OASB

At OASB, we want to cultivate a passion and curiosity for why people behave the way they do. We want to enlighten our pupils to a range of cross-cultural behaviours, giving them a broader insight into not only how humans effectively communicate and interact with one another, but also to develop an understanding of the challenges of human behaviours. Our Psychology curriculum aims to empower our students to understand others and communicate effectively, building a deeper awareness of themselves, their families and both their local and global communities.

We want students to draw upon core psychological perspectives to explain their own and other people’s behaviour so our curriculum is sequenced to allow pupils to secure the fundamental psychological concepts first. Each topic then builds on this knowledge and explores a variety of contexts and examples. Students begin by learning the core psychological perspectives to gain a sound understanding of the different ways in which we can explain human behaviour. Students then use these perspectives to explain attachment, memory and psychopathological disorders. In year 13 pupils then focus on specific behaviours in the option subjects and use their knowledge from year one to explain gender, schizophrenia and aggression. Being able to collect and analyse data are essential skills for psychologists, so research methods are interleaved throughout the two years giving students the opportunity to make links between the practical aspects of studying behaviour and the topics they are learning in a meaningful way.  In the classroom our implemented curriculum aims to develop academic confidence and strong foundational knowledge through direct instruction of key concepts; frequent check for understanding and interleaved retrieval practice; opportunities to discuss and critically evaluate key psychological theories and lastly, frequent opportunities for application to different contexts and essay writing.

Our students deserve an ambitious curriculum, and we achieve this by ensuring pupils are exposed to challenging contexts in which they can apply their new learning. Not only does this build pupils’ application skills, but it also enables them to more effectively understand why people behave the way they do in the world around them, providing them with the knowledge and skills to study psychology at the highest level. Secure knowledge and psychological fluency combined with rigour means that our students have gone onto access psychology-based degrees at top academic institutions. For example, students have gone onto to study Psychology, Counselling, Forensic Psychology at top universities including King’s College and Goldsmith’s. OASB psychology students will leave Southbank with a broadened awareness of mental health challenges and an empathetic outlook towards people in their community which will allow them to develop into well-rounded, emotionally intelligent citizens who can effectively interact with others.


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