Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

KS5 Chemistry

Dream Jobs

  • Medicine – Doctor 
  • Nursing 
  • Dentistry 
  • Veterinarian  
  • Pharmacist  
  • Chemical Engineer 
  • Scientific research chemist – drug development  
  • Patent lawyer 
  • Optician 

What do our students say?

‘Chemistry practicals are the best! We get to perform practicals by ourselves which provides us with great experience if you want a career in scientific research’ 
Salma Abdinassir – Year 12 
‘I like Chemistry because the ideas and concepts we learn in class are very fascinating - more so when we can see its direct linkage to the real world. I have enjoyed participating in class and the overall quality and teaching style.’ -Ewuraba Harvey – Year 12 
‘I like chemistry because it gives me a good understanding about the world and how different chemicals and reactions are used in everyday life. I have enjoyed doing the practicals and learning how to name molecules in organic chemistry’ - Samuel Hannay – Year 12 
‘I’ve enjoyed studying Chemistry because I find it challenging and rewarding. My favourite topic is rate equations because it’s very applicable to real life and it makes me feel purposeful’ 
Rownag Sago – Year 12 

What do our parents say?

"Chemists do not usually stutter. It would be very awkward if they did, seeing that they have at times to get out such words as methylethylamylophenylium" - Sir William Crookes 

KS5 Chemistry at OASB

When students leave OASB, we want them to have experienced an ambitious curriculum which allows them to appreciate that their knowledge of Chemistry links to wider concepts in the real world. We know that students that are confident and knowledgeable in Chemistry, will be able to take part in wider debates and global conversations with their friends, family and future colleagues surrounding health and pharmaceuticals. We want our students to use their knowledge to discern between fact and misinformation and use this to positively impact their community, embodying the South Bank aim to become model citizens.

We know that our students need a strong foundation of knowledge, allowing them to be inquisitive, not only about new learning in the classroom, but about the world around them. During the first term (and throughout the course) we will focus on creating chemical fluency by acquiring basic skills and knowledge that are critical for success when applying this to more abstract concepts. For example, in the first term we focus on embedding writing chemical formula, balanced equations and mole calculations. This allows students to access topics such as Hess’s law and enthalpy changes, volumetric calculations, and Born Haber cycles. In the classroom our implemented curriculum aims to develop academic confidence by building fundamental knowledge through homework linked to lesson key knowledge, regularly checking for understanding and finally, practicing making links and applying this knowledge to varying contexts. This will empower students to become successful learners at this level and in future learning environments, whether that be a new job, university degree, career change or apprenticeship.

Chemistry at the top level requires practical investigation and dexterity. The implemented curriculum ensure that students have a secure knowledge and understanding of the theory underpinning practical work. They are then prepared to apply this knowledge and to practical Chemistry, which they carry out in our laboratories by preparing and learning dexterous practical techniques. They are then expected to complete work that contributes to a practical skills endorsement qualification. Students first take part in a preparation lesson covering the theory and helping them the build schema linking their knowledge to the practical they will be carrying out. Secondly, they carry out, analyse, design practicals and finally, evaluate or question the validity of practical data that they collect.

We want to transform our student’s lives and opportunities through access to our curriculum, by the end students have stretched the limits of Chemistry beyond the basic requirements of A-level. Our students achieve this through a relentless focus on securing the highest leverage knowledge and working through difficult problems, no matter of their starting point. Secure knowledge and chemical fluency combined with rigour, means that our students have gone on to access Chemistry and STEM based degrees at top academic institutions. For example, students have gone on to study Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences at top universities including Cambridge and Kings College London. All students will have had the choice and opportunity to feel successful in studying STEM or chemistry at undergraduate level and beyond and ultimately be free to pursue and make an impact in the Chemical and scientific industry.


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