Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Pupil Numbers Oasis Academy South Bank (OASB) will offer 60 Year 12 places each year. There will be 120 students in the Sixth Form.

Admissions Policy

Admissions criteria 2018/2019

Admissions Criteria 2019/2020

Admissions Criteria 2020/2021

Course Specific Requirements

Students are required to achieve a grade 5 in both their English and Maths GCSE as well as the subject specific requirements stated below:

Course Minimum GCSE Grade Required
English Literatuare (A Level) 6 in English Literature
Maths (A Level) 6 in Maths
Biology (A Level) 6 in Biology or 6,6 in dual award
Chemistry (A Level) 6 in Chemistry or 6,6 in dual award
Physics (A Level) 7 in Physics or 7,6 in dual award
French (A Level) 6 in French
Spanish (A Level) 6 in Spanish
History (A Level) 6 in History
Geography (A Level) 6 in Geography
Further Maths (A Level) 7 in Maths ( Further Maths GCSE recommended)
Economics (A Level) 6 in Maths
Psychology (A Level) 6 in English