Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Online Library

Welcome to The Online Library at OASB

We are so pleased to announce that Oasis Academy Southbank now have an Online Library for all students across Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5. With over 150 books from a variety of genres, you are now free to read to your hearts content.

Reading Books

Borrowing and renewing books from the online Library:

Unlike our Library at school, you do not have to borrow or renew any books. You are free to open, read and reread as many books as your heart desires.Book recommendations:

Sometimes young people love to read but are not quite sure what they fancy, or haven’t yet discovered their niche. If this is the case and you would like a book recommendation, please email Miss Harrak if you are in KS4/5 at: 

If you are in KS3, please contact Miss Merzouki at: Sarah.merzouki@oasissouthbank.orgRequest a book:

At the moment the Online Library at Oasis Academy Southbank has over 150 books across a variety of genres, but of course we want this to continue growing. If there is a particular book you would like to read but it’s not in the Online Library, please email Miss Harrak at: She will do her best to add these works into the Online Library.Prefer Audio Books?

Click on the link to access 100s of audio books, all FREE of charge: