Sixth Form

Oasis Academy Sixth Form opened its doors in September 2018 after its lower school was rated outstanding by Ofsted and producing GCSE results in the top 1% of the country.

We maintain our exceptionally high standards which have led to outstanding academic success offering courses in some of the most challenging traditional A-level subjects available. Students receive up to 7 hours of lesson time per subject as well as an enrichment curriculum that ensures all students achieve an AS-level EPQ and access to the Duke of Edinburgh award. We offer bespoke University guidance as well as internships and partnerships programs with Kings College London, University of York, PWC, The Brilliant Club, We Speak, The Peter Jones Foundation and The Elephant Group.

Each year students are in school for 39 weeks, completing a supervised curriculum of over 1000 hours. At least 700 of the hours are in class groups with subject specialists (significantly above the recommended 540 hours).

Enrichment in the Sixth Form

All students follow our enrichment program which is 5.5 hours per week. In this program all students complete an EPQ as well as receiving talks from guest lecturers, university guidance and intervention for subjects (intervention is a maximum of 3 additional hours).

The enrichment programme is designed to ensure all Oasis Academy Southbank Sixth Form students continue to fulfilling careers and universities after successfully completing their A-levels. The aims of the enrichment programme are to broaden experiences and horizons, prepare students to flourish in a professional environment, and ensure all submit highly competitive applications to their university course of choice.

Oasis Academy South Bank’s Sixth Form ensures every student is fully prepared to secure a career with prospects in their chosen field and to flourish within their role and wider life. We know that both excellent academic outcomes and character development are crucial to realising this vision and therefore exceptional pastoral support runs alongside outstanding subject teaching.

Careers Advice

The Sixth Form also provides students with bespoke careers advice and guidance on a variety of sectors. Given the school’s fantastic links with Russell Group universities, many of our students plot their future in these renowned citadels. The leaders of the Academy are inspirational and highly skilled; all are committed to transforming the lives of inner-city students by giving them access to the best universities in the country and support in securing successful lives beyond this.