Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Religious Studies

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What do our students say?

"RE exposed me to practices of different religions, allowing me to have a better understanding of the world around me. Additionally, it fed my desire of debating and enable me to eloquently deliver arguments" - Year 10 Student

"Lessons were engaging as there was a lot of group, partner, and class work. I really enjoyed class debates, especially on topics such as animal rights and capital punishment" - Year 11 student 

What do our parents say?

"The RE department came prepared, with clear communication and plan, maintaining the highest of standards in their tutoring.  Never settling, raising expectations and grades, ensuring my son reached his true potential. Genuinely igniting his interest, which led him to question and seek clarity when it came to faiths, researching and doing additional reading. He thoroughly enjoyed RE as a subject and felt others missed out by not selecting it as a GCSE option. He feels it now gives him a certain level of understanding when it comes to areas of society as a whole" Ms Dublin  

"Studying theology and religious studies allows you to explore how religious beliefs and practices shape and influence the world we live in"

 Religious Studies at OASB

The purpose of studying Religious Studies is to develop pupils' knowledge and understanding of religion, religious beliefs, practices, language and traditions and their influence on individuals, communities, societies and cultures.  It enables pupils to consider and respond to a range of important questions related to their own spiritual development. Through our RE curriculum they reflect on the fundamental questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life. From key stage 3 to key stage 4 the pupils learn the skill of forming an argument and seeing a question from multiple view points which is vital for them to become model citizens; a key goal of the school.  

Religious Studies is also vital for building crucial cultural knowledge and closing the achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils. Research tells us that increased background knowledge and an increased vocabulary allows us to understand new texts more deeply. This is why we prioritise building the knowledge of our students so that they can engage with literature, newspapers and television in a meaningful way. Our curriculum has prioritised the teaching of the most important cultural knowledge that our pupils need to understand the world around them and take part in mainstream culture. 

Our Curriculum introduces the pupils to the key questions such as ‘Why do religious people pray? And who is God and what is God like? The pupils encounter a range of religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism and compare the different religious responses to the big questions of life. These questions are the authentic and important questions the theologians ask.  Our curriculum is designed so that students learn the most fundamental knowledge first, allowing them to build on these threshold concepts in order to gain a deep understanding of the big, overarching ideas in RS. The students will encounter and learn to reference sacred texts in their arguments. 


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