Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Dream Jobs

  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports coaching
  • gym management
  • Sports nutrition
  • PE teacher
  • Sports psychologist
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports media
  • Sports analyst
  • Sports business
  • Professional athlete
  • Sports journalist and many more

What do our students say?

‘PE at Oasis has given me the opportunity to play new sports, meet new people and socialise in the right group of friends for me personally. PE here made me realise that I actually like a wide variety of sports- not just football but sports such as volleyball, badminton, cricket and many more’
‘I find Sport Science really interesting- in particular, I have really enjoyed learning about the bones, muscles and features of the human body’ 
Elijah S 
‘I have enjoyed both the practical aspect and the theory of PE. I loved doing different sports with my classmates and being active and enjoyed the theoretical side to the GCSE because what we learnt is applicable in everyday life. PE GCSE is especially helpful because it links to biology GCSE so it benefits and reinforces our learning in both subjects’.

What do our parents say?

‘PE has helped my son learn new skills and how to be more motivated and active. From his Sport Science lessons, he has learnt about our bodily functions as well as how to keep healthy and eat well which encouraged him to lose lots of weight!  My son’s wellbeing has improved, inspiring him to be active and cycle to school every day!’
Student parent
‘My daughter has really benefitted from learning about how to train and how to look after her health. I can see that she is applying what she has learnt to make the training she does for sports and general fitness more effective’
Student parent 

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.” - Billie Jean King 


Our vision: 

At Oasis Academy South Bank, our vision for physical education is to instil a passion for physical activity in our students that is underpinned by the knowledge and understanding they require to go on to build informed and positive healthy lifestyle habits in sports and exercise upon leaving secondary education. We take a holistic viewpoint and encourage our students to build positive connections between physical activity and mental health.  


Our curriculum is proudly ambitious and challenges our students to stretch themselves to their maximum potential no matter their background or starting point. We understand that through consistent routines and strong academic knowledge, our students can reach academic success, allowing them to access their dream jobs.  

Our lessons are carefully planned to provide students with a broad and deep understanding of the importance of physical education on the human body through a scientific lens. Evidence-based practices such as low-stakes quizzing forms a fundamental part of our curriculum, aiming to embed knowledge in our students’ long-term memories. We believe that the theory lessons, both integrated and in addition to the plethora of practical activities on offer at Oasis Academy South Bank provides our young people with a holistic physical education that supports their well-being and personal development. 


PE and Games lessons at Oasis Academy South Bank will use sport and physical activity as a vehicle to improve our student’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being, giving opportunities for all our young people to focus on their personal development. Through our practical curriculum, we aim for our students to be physically active and improve their physical competences and be able to articulate these fluently. In addition to this we promote social and emotional growth through leadership and team activities whilst embedding the key knowledge required for sport, health, and fitness in each lesson.  

Through termly house competitions, our sports club programme, and our competitive team sports on offer, we aim to embed life-long values in our students to cooperate and collaborate with others, understand fairness, resilience and equity of play. 


We aim to embed consistent routines not only in all sports science classrooms but also in a physical setting. We want our teachers to be confident in developing our students’ practical skills and academic knowledge. We achieve this by working with our team and support their professional development for this through weekly instructional coaching, sharing best practice including co-planning and weekly lesson drop-ins. 


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