Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Dream Jobs

  • Engineer  
  • Finance 
  • Economist 
  • Statistician  
  • Actuary 
  • Doctor 
  • Teacher 
  • Computer Programmer 
  • Accountant  
  • Data Analyst 

What do our students say?

"I personally liked Maths at secondary because it was challenging but enjoyable and I made a lot of progress over the course of the year. I feel as though I finished secondary confident in my Maths skills."   Mehmet Bellice  

“I like Maths at Southbank because they teach a wide range of topics and make sure we really understand the content, and provide us with additional advice and work when we need extra support.”  Aditi Nimgade 

“I like Maths at Southbank because It’s not only about finding the answer but also the methods and strategies used to get the answer. I’m also able to learn from other people as we share our ideas through talk tasks.”   Emoshokiemhe Moyo 

What do our parents say?

“My son loves maths at South Bank because it is such an interactive subject. He loves the online homework platform ‘Hegarty Maths’ and loves all the enrichment opportunities. My son really enjoys his enrichment sessions with Kings Maths School which really expands his abilities. He is lucky to get tutoring from other older students and loves the sense of community tutoring builds in the subject. The teachers are always going above and beyond to build students confidence and keep students engaged. He is always being encouraged to achieve his goals!” - Year 10 Parent

It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.” -  Carl Friedrich Gauss


Maths at OASB

At Oasis academy South Bank, we celebrate the importance of mathematics. We want all our students to be able to achieve their dream jobs, access the next level of their academic training and have the mathematical skills necessary to navigate through wider society. Our students appreciate the role that mathematics plays in the wider world and we encourage their curiosity and passion.  With these key goals in mind, our curriculum has been designed to both prepare students for their next steps and give them the opportunity to enjoy the subject, exposing them to its real-world applications. In line with the OCL mathematics vision, our curriculum is designed to ensure our students develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics, communicate and reason mathematically and are resilient when facing unknown problems.

Mathematics is a cumulative subject, with later success depending on a strong understanding of basic principles. Our curriculum is designed with this at its core; sequencing topics to ensure the students’ knowledge can build gradually and regularly interleaving previous content to allow for maximum retention. In year 7 we start by introducing topics such as place value and order of operations to ensure fluency with students’ number work. We also teach a unit on time at the start of year 7, an important life skill that we know some of our students join without having. Later in the year we study basic geometry, ratio, fractions and introduce algebra for the first time. These are essential building blocks in the secondary mathematics curriculum, and this core knowledge is necessary for later success. Each year, students’ knowledge is built upon with students only being exposed the most complex topics, that have many prerequisites, in later years.

We stretch students through depth of understanding as opposed to breadth of content, meaning students have true ‘mastery’ of the mathematics. Talk tasks and discussion form a large part of our lessons, giving students the opportunity to justify and argue mathematically. We build resilient mathematicians who are rich in knowledge and confident in their application of it. Students are encouraged to make connections between different aspects of mathematics continuously, in all their lessons. All students at South Bank, regardless their starting point, experience both success and challenge in mathematics through carefully planned tasks and lessons, based on the principals of the science of learning.


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