Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

KS5 Physics

Dream Jobs

  • Aerospace Engineer 
  • Robotics Engineer 
  • Computer Programmer 
  • Theoretical Physicist 
  • Sound Engineer 
  • Financial Advisor 
  • Barrister 
  • Meteorologist 
  • Astronomer 
  • Electrical Engineer 

What do our students say?


What do our parents say?

KS5 Physics at OASB

Students studying A-level Physics will continue they journey they began as scientists at GCSE and will leave prepared to study physics or any hard science at A-level. They will develop skills of inquiry, self-expression and data analysis to a higher degree, and will become discerning critiques of their environment and their own assumptions.  

As physicists, they will appreciate the value of precision and accuracy in measurement, and the ability to make reliably true statements based on observation. They will understand that physics is the fundamental science, underpinning the understanding of every other field of scientific research. Their mathematical skills will develop into a core strength as they work to apply their knowledge of maths to the real world.  

Like all curricula at OASB, the Physics curriculum emphasises the primacy of fundamental knowledge. Students will recognise that the ability to understand and conduct research in physics with a high degree of facility is presaged by a powerful and deliberately constructed long-term memory. Introduction of topics and units in physics will always begin with the knowledge to be learned to near-perfect fidelity. The standard for the fidelity of fundamental knowledge in physics is and will remain 100%, based on the assumption that any knowledge that is demonstrated to less than 100% accuracy has not been learned, but forgotten. Forgetting, itself, is recognised as an essential part of learning, and knowledge from previous topics and units is constantly brought forward and interleaved throughout the curriculum.  

Students studying A-level Physics at OASB will be exposed to practical science above and beyond the demands of the specification, both in terms of assessed student practical work and teacher demonstration. Students in physics will learn the underpinnings of matter and chemistry in their study of nuclear and particle physics, the ways in which energy and information is transmitted through space by studying waves, the laws that govern motion in two dimensions, the complex systems that can be constructed within gravitational and electric fields, and the steps that have been taken by physicists in history to bring us to current understanding.  

Students studying Physics at OASB will appreciate that while an exam is not a perfect facsimile of learning, a high exam grade is a threshold which permits further study of demanding and intellectually and financially rewarding topics at university. Students will therefore prepare for exams which a great deal of effort and commitment. They will be exposed to nearly every extant past exam question for the current specification and will practise exam multiple-choice questions on a daily basis. They will learn to think like an exam-writer and begin to discern the traps and pitfalls laid for the unwary. They will be committed to over-practising, with the knowledge that a confident prediction of the very best grades can only be made once a student can achieve a comfortable margin above the grade boundary on a consistent basis.   


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