Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Design and Technology

Dream Jobs

  • Graphic Designer 
  • Copywriter 
  • Teacher 
  • Illustrator 
  • Marketer  
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Product designer 
  • Structural designer 
  • Fashion designer or buyer 
  • Brand researcher/strategist 
  • Web designer 

What do our students say?

"I’d recommend DT as its a very rewarding subject to take, the fun of designing and creating your own products being the cherry on top.” 
Someyah year 10 


What do our parents say?

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" - Maya Angelou 

Design and Technology at OASB

In Design and Technology at Oasis Academy Southbank, we strive to ensure that students are confident in combining creativity with science and technology to achieve excellent design practice. To be competent designers, we understand that students require inspiration through appreciation of art and creative problem-solving to influence their ideas. They will also need to develop the craft skills required to express their ideas through a range of different materials, techniques and equipment. Finally, the Design and Technology workshop provides a space for students to develop confidence in the communication of their ideas both verbally and written using industry-relevant language.  

Over key stages 3 and 4, our curriculum is centred around a range of practical designing and making projects that incorporate and develop these core areas that are the foundations of excellent design. All design projects are sequenced to flow from identifying real world challenges and setting design briefs through to creating finished prototypes where students will apply new skills and knowledge. By the time students reach GCSE level, they will have developed a level of fluency in working through every step of the design process, making appropriate design decisions in considering materials, tools and the needs of others. Our curriculum is designed to familiarise students with a realistic representation of the design process in any creative or commercial setting. The design process is core to the sequence of our curriculum because students will be assessed on this at GCSE level for their Non Exam Assessment and so that students can make links between what they do in the classroom with the skills that will be helpful in later life. 

Our curriculum ensures that children taking part in Design and Technology for the first time at key stage 3, have the opportunity to practice foundational skills like sketching and making. Within our subject, we recognise that design is never a finished work of art but rather an iterative process that can be developed and where mistakes are a welcome part of the process for students to improve on. We aim to ensure that all students experience success in coming up with unique ideas initiated in response to economic and social challenges explored through accomplished prototypes that they are proud of.  


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