Sixth Form Admissions

Pupil Numbers Oasis Academy South Bank (OASB) will offer 60 Year 12 places each year. There will be 120 students in the Sixth Form.

Minimum Admissions Criteria

All students(internal and external) must attain a minimum of five GCSEs at a grade 5, including English and Maths. Students must also meet the Subject Specific Course Requirements (set out in section 4). Students will be given priority if they have attended and completed their GCSE course at Oasis Academy South Bank-the over-subscription criteria below will be applied to these students if there are more than 60 internal OASB students that apply that meet the minimum and Subject Specific Course Requirements. Students who have not attended Oasis Academy South Bank for Key Stage 4 will only be admitted if fewer than 60 Oasis Academy South Bank students from Year 11 are successfully admitted into Year 12 (who meet the Minimum Admissions Criteria and the Specific Course Requirements). External students, who meet the minimum and Subject Specific Course Requirements, will then be admitted using the priorities laid out in the over-subscription criteria below a-e. External students will ONLY be admitted if there are spaces available following the admission of internal OASB students who have met all entry criteria.

Course Specific Requirements

Course Minimum GCSE Grade Required
English Literatuare (A Level) 6 in English Literature
Maths (A Level) 6 in Maths
Biology (A Level) 6 in Biology or 6,6 in dual award
Chemistry (A Level) 6 in Chemistry or 6,6 in dual award
Physics (A Level) 6 in Physics or 7,6 in dual award
French (A Level) 6 in French
Spanish (A Level) 6 in Spanish
Drama (A Level) 5 in Drama
History (A Level) 6 in History and English
Geography (A Level) 6 in Geography
Music (A Level) 6 in Music
Art (A Level) 6 in Art
PE (A Level) 6 in PE
Business BTEC 5 in Maths
Health BTEC 5 in Science
Food and Nutrition Diploma 5 in Food


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