Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

All young people, regardless of starting point, will ‘Climb the STAIRS to Greatness’ at Oasis Academy South Bank. Through love, nurture and a rigorous academic focus, Oasis Academy South Bank students will ultimately be successfully and happily employed in a career with prospects and become model citizens.

Oasis Academy South Bank Values

S-Scholarship - We focus relentlessly on securing outstanding academic qualifications and developing a love of learning for all our students.

T-Transformation - We believe that everyone can change for the better and everyone has the power to change and influence others for the better.

A-Aspiration - We know if you aim high and believe, then you can become anyone or do anything.

I-Inclusion - We believe we are one family: we never make anyone feel isolated or alone. We believe in the inclusion of a whole child’s development: academically,culturally,socially,and emotionally.

R-Resilience - We understand that ‘greatness’ does not come without huge amounts of hard work and effort and we know that we must never give up.

S-Social Responsibility - We care for our community and help others whenever we can.