Congratulations to all our Year 11 students and teachers for a great set of results. Our founding cohort have done us proud. The hard work, effort and tireless commitment has paid off and we are celebrating their success.  A huge thank you from me to all our families, staff and above all students. We are excited about our Sixth Form opening and the new Year 11 students building on this year’s success. Oasis Academy South Bank, whilst proud of these results, is above all committed to developing model citizens who are kind and courteous. We want our students to be successfully employed in a career with prospects and fulfilled in the life that they lead. We will celebrate our success whilst continuing to strive to become the best version of ourselves. We were humbled when Ofsted commented ‘the Academy is a place where no child is left behind’ Ofsted 2015.  These results are a testament to that comment. We are incredibly proud of every single one of them.

Progress 8 0.93 (Well above average)
Attainment 8 53.4

Percentage of students achieving a strong pass (5 or above)
in English and Maths at the end of KS4

Percentage of students entering for the English Baccalaureate 95%
Percentage of students who achieved the English Baccaulaureate 69%
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after KS4 Supp



Headlines - August 2018

  • Pupil Premium students have outperformed non Pupil Premium students!
  • Grade 4-9 English 93%, Grade 5-9 English 74%
  • Grade 4-9 Maths 86%, Grade 5-9 Maths 67%
  • Grade 4-9 Science 93%, Grade 5-9 Science 71%
  • 95% of students entered for EBACC,  69% grade 4-9 EBACC
  • Grade 5-9 Geography 77%, Geography 7-9 54%, Grade 5-9 History 70%
  • Grade 4-9 French 89%, Grade 5-9 French 69%
  • Grade 5-9 RE 90%, Grade 6-9 75%
  • 128 grade 8s and 9s
  • English Literature whole cohort Year 10 early entry achieved 93% 4+ and 73% 5+