Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Meet the Oasis Academy South Bank family

Senior Leadership Team

Alex Lewis Principal
Anna Richardson Principal
Kate Thackray Deputy Principal and Safeguarding Officer
Alice  Cairns Assistant Principal KS3 & National Curriculum Lead
Hannah-Beth Clark Assistant Principal KS4 & National Curriculum Lead
Matthew Holmes Assistant Principal KS5 
Michael  Slavinsky Associate Assistant Principal & Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Joshua Goodrich Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning & National Pedagogy Lead
Marisa Pilling Associate Assistant Principal - KS4
Rebecca Quiney Associate Assistant Principal & Head of Faculty: Creative & Expressive Arts
Rhys  King Associate Assistant Principal
Keren  Davis Associate Assistant Principal

Head of Year

George Long Year 7 & KS2-3 Transition Lead
Lisa Staniforth Year 8 & KS3 Achievement Lead
Nadia  Harrak Year 9 &  KS3-4 Transition Lead
Rhys King Year 10 & KS4 Achievement Lead
Marisa Pilling Year 11
Matthew Holmes Sixth Form

English Department

Nicky Sale Head of Faculty: English
Bryony Radford English Teacher & Deputy Safeguarding Officer
Stefania Connell KS3 English Lead & Deputy SENCo
Peter Lee  Head of KS4 and KS5 English
Rebecca Vitalis English Teacher & Vulnerable Student Lead
Nadia Harrak English Teacher
Charlotte Lawrence English Teacher
Gerasimos Karavokyris English Teacher
Sarah  Nathanson English Teacher
Sarah  Merzouki English Teacher

Humanities Department

David Barnes Head of Faculty: Humanities & National Curriculum Lead 
Tiffany Gerritsen Head of Department: History
Megan Rae Head of Department: Geography
Sarah Martin Head of Department: Geography & National Curriculum Lead 
Conor Boyle Humanities Teacher & KS4 Assistant Achievement Lead
Lucy Newman Humanities Teacher & National Curriculum Lead
Natasha Alexander History Teacher
Tom Lewis Geography Teacher
Josh  Carr Geography Teacher
Edmund  Collins Religious Studies Teacher

Maths Department

Daniel  Foster Head of Faculty: Maths
Alice Hirst Head of Department: Economics
Kyra Uberai  Head of KS3 Maths & Pupil Premium Lead
Samuel Dowsett KS4 Maths Lead
Dominic Williams KS5 Maths Lead
Lisa Staniforth Maths Teacher
Keren Davis Maths Teacher
Lan Anh Vu Maths Teacher
Nick Bentley Maths Teacher
Wilfred Nsofor Maths Teacher
Anna Kerr Maths Teacher

Science Department

Lisa McGlasson Head of Faculty: Science & National Lead Practitioner
Holly Mitchell Head of Department: Psychology
Sebastian Zabilowicz KS3 Science Lead
Jonathan Harris KS5 Biology Lead
Charlotte Bailey KS5 Chemistry Lead and Teaching and Learning Lead
Beccie Whittaker KS5 Physics Lead
Stanton Wertjes Lead Science Teacher
George Long Science Teacher
Waeil Abdu Science Teacher
Wendy Shaw  Science Teacher
Sylvie Wilson Science Teacher
Sophie Collis Science Teacher
Shevone Bajulaiye Science Teacher
Richard Reece Senior Science Technician
Eddie Tuffour Science Technician

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Emily Gasche Head of Department: MFL & National Curriculum Lead 
Sadaf Najib KS3 MFL Lead
Emily Wilson KS4 & KS5 MFL Lead
Alice Herford MFL Teacher & Deputy SENCO
Shobah Prabhu-Naik MFL Teacher

PE Department

Martin Eldridge Head of Department: PE
Abigail Luetchford Head of Girls PE

Art & Technology Department

Kimberly Coplee Head of Department: Engineering
Morgan Yarde Martin Head of Department: Gastronomy
Charlotte  O'Shea Art Teacher

Music Department

Rebecca Quiney Head of Department: Music

Drama Department

Rhys King Head of Department: Drama

Administration Team

Ben Wythe Regional Finance and Operations Manager
Sandeep Kaur Finance Officer
Hetal Patel PA to Anna Richardson & HR Officer
Chloe Bowden PA to Alex Lewis & HR Officer
Ciaran Utting Data Manager
Pumi Dlova KS4 Pastoral Lead & Student Services
Giovanna Schettini KS5 Supporting Officer
Yenny Rodriguez Supporting Officer
Ceyon  Douglas Supporting Officer

Learning Support Assistant Team

Chris Brown Vulnerable Student Support Lead
Iptihaj Mohammed Vulnerable Student Support Lead & Deputy Safeguarding Officer
Emily Lewis Vulnerable Student Lead
Ruth Hauxwell Learning Support Assistant
Zeinab El-fouani KS3 Pastoral Support 
Jordan Francois-Marriott KS5 Pastoral Support 
Suffiya Musa Learning Support Assistant
Sarah Blakeney Learning Support Assistant & Engineering Teacher
Suffiya Musa Learning Support Assistant
Luke  Reynolds Learning Support Assistant
Charmaine  Mokodas Learning Support Assistant
Julia  Daniels Learning Support Assistant
Jack  Eldridge Learning Support Assistant
Dawn Bermudez Learning Support Assistant
Adina  Benson Learning Support Assistant

Facilities Team

Stephen Harding Facilities Manager
Fred Florez Garcia Facilities Assistant

IT Team

Ben Morrell IT Technician 
Prince  Mensah IT Technician 

Medical Team

Jacky Oryem Medical Officer

Catering Team

Leslie McCrae Chef Manager
Beatrice Bermudez Catering Shift Supervisor
Erick Penafiel Catering Assistant
Michelle Hargreaves Catering Assistant
Adalgiza Uribe Catering Assistant
Jose Gutierrez Mena Catering Assistant
Terhas Negash Catering Assistant
Akberet Gebremariam Catering Assistant
Ribka Temnewo Catering Assistant
Ricardo Azuero Catering Assistant
Zufan  Habtom Catering Assistant
Abeba Girmay Catering Assistant